Focus - Aerospace, Defense and Precision Manufacturing
Redstone Capital Corporation (“Redstone”) is a private investment firm investing exclusively within the global aerospace, defense, and precision manufacturing industries. Restone is dedicated to providing both capital and seasoned strategic guidance to its portfolio companies in areas to include finance, corporate governance, product sales development and strategy, among others.

Redstone provides its portfolio companies access to unparalleled industry experience, knowledge and market intuition. Its leadership and advisors provide decades of operational and financial experience from Wall Street to the very companies we invest. Our relationships extend from local officials to Congress and to the White House. Our senior staff has provided guidance to elected and industry leaders and reporters from print, broadcast and electronic media seeking understanding and input on dynamic industry matters.

Since 1982 Redstone has leveraged its capabilities to enhance the viability and value of our portfolio Companies through creative thinking and sophisticated leadership. While we generally do not run the businesses of our Companies, Redstone does maintain the internal capability to provide such guidance and attention when necessary. Redstone distinguishes itself from other investors through its industry experience, technical grasp and expertise in understanding and executing complex deal structures to the benefit of the portfolio Company and its investors.

The predecessors of Redstone Capital Corporation were founded in 1977. The Company was originally organized to finance and develop oil and gas properties. Shortly thereafter, the Company diversified into maritime and defense industries, and by 1982 was utilizing the name Redstone Capital Corporation.

Through the 1980’s and 1990’s, Redstone’s business was as a trusted business and financial advisor for a number of natural resources, aerospace, defense and maritime companies.

In 2003, Redstone also embarked upon purchasing and developing world-class capable Companies for its own account, with exclusive focus in the aerospace, defense and precision manufacturing sectors of industry. Since such time, Redstone has purchased and significantly grown four (4) portfolio companies.
Redstone Capital Corporation
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